Only two weeks away from this new edition of MIPCOM 2017, we keep on preparing for this unmissable event for the content trade industry. To that end, amongst many other things, we have a brand new corporate video. Do not miss it!

There is never enough on the plate when preparing for an event such as MIPCOM, so we have spent the last two months with our sleeves rolled up and fully immersed in work in order to be stunning for this new edition.

Both from a development point of view, and from a commercial and marketing one, everyone at MediaBank, is working effortlessly to accomplish several objectives:

1.  To achieve the greatest possible visibility for all the content that you have already uploaded to MediaBank.

2.  To show all our platform’s new developments and functionalities (about which we will tell you more in a future post).

3. To meet as many buyers and sellers as possible, from around the world and of all kinds: big and indie producers; distributors; national, regional and local channels; ancillary rights’ buyers….

And when we say all kinds, we mean exactly that, because we know how important it is for you to be able to monetize all your content rights up to the farthest corner of the planet.

So, what with one thing and another, creating newsletters with the last content uploaded to our platform, the intense commercial work and our close relation with our platform users, already registered or pre-registered ones, we barely have time for anything else. Even so, we have found time to create the crown jewel: Our new corporate video!

Because time is but a relative concept and no job is too much when it comes to becoming the most efficient platform for the trade of Tv and film rights.

If you still don’t know MediaBank you can schedule a meeting with us at MIPCOM, or, if you are not coming to this market, you can always contact us for more information or, why not, see our new corporate video. We are waiting for you!