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MediaBank is a spin-off company of VSN Innovation & Media Solutions, which has been offering advanced software solutions for the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries for more than 25 years.

After spending more than two decades working for these sectors, its consolidated experience has allowed VSN to apply its technological developments and insights to the online exchange and trade of content through its newly developed platform, MediaBank.

VSNSPIDER software, the suite of solutions for the Media Management VSNEXPLORER and UMP protocol for the rapid delivery of files have been selected for guaranteeing an easy and intuitive user experience in MediaBank when buying and selling content online without compromising the security of the uploaded files.

High compatibility with all the operating systems, devices and digital formats

Thanks to its open architecture and its integration with Microsoft Azure Media Services, our system is compatible with the majority of OS (Windows, MAC and Linux), WEBTV and Video on Demand (VoD) platforms, smartphones and digital formats available in the market: MXF, MOV, AVI, MPG en DV-DVCPRO 25/50/100, MPEG-2, H.264, ProRes, AVCIntra , Avid DNxHD y, en Proxies, Windows Media, Smooth Streaming or MPEG4.

Automatic cataloguing of files to make easier their searching and access

The powerful software VSNEXPLORER MAM for indexing and searching files automatically catalogues all the content that has been uploaded to MediaBank, thanks to the metadata provided by their owners. Thus, buyers can easily find their ideal content based on their interests or direct searches through MediaBank platform.

Moreover, thanks to VSNEXPLORER MAM content sellers can also easily manage their files, their content privacy, its organization, modification and editing, or even check data analytics and reports to measure the impact of their productions among buyers.

Automates all the searches of content and guarantees files’ encryption and security

VSNSPIDER software is able to orchestrate all the workflows and interactions that take place in MediaBank platform, offering users the maximum reliability and efficiency when managing, organizing and exchanging content. This software allows to quickly locate files uploaded in the system, automate their exchange among users and even manage private accounts, content encryption and legal warranties. In conclusion, VSNSPIDER enables to automate all the enquiries and Media exchanges that take place in MediaBank, guaranteeing the highest security of the files uploaded in the platform and protecting their quality during the transmission process.

Guarantees high speed delivery and downloading of content in the digital format of preference

The efficiency, reliability and security of UMP protocol, which is normally used for transferring files at high speed in demanding work environments such as News and Live productions, allows MediaBank users to quickly upload and deliver content even from remote locations or through conventional Internet connections. Furthermore, once the files are bought, buyers can select the digital format of preference for downloading the content.

Check out data analytics and take some time to review the top content tendencies in MediaBank

VSNEXPLORER Business Intelligence module allows to check data analytics based on direct searches and enquiries made by users in the platform, in order to locate files that perfectly match consumers’ interests. This way, MediaBank will offer personal suggestions and recommendations based on these data, so as to locate the ideal content for each kind of consumer.

Moreover, content sellers will be able to discover which files have been more successful in MediaBank, based on private data analytics and reports included in their personal accounts.

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