We are working tirelessly to make MediaBank a platform where content trade is as fast as greased lightning! As there are no precedents for this type of platform, we rely on you to design the future of audiovisual content trade together with us.

Today we would like to inform you about some of the future developments that we will integrate in our platform so that it lives up to all your expectations:

1.We know that a correct emission rights management is vital for you. Hardly surprising! Truth is when it comes to intellectual property things can get very complicated, all the more so since the internet arrived.

That is why our next development will be focused in providing you with a simple tool that will allow you to select all the variables you need to manage all your emission rights for one or more territories. Our mission is to give you every legal guarantee you may need to sell your productions with absolute confidence and peace of mind.

2. One of MediaBank’s greatest advantages for content buyers is the possibility to easily find that film, documentary, series or program that better suits their needs. For that reason we are working on the implementation of new advanced search filters that allow you to discover which contents are available for a given territory and according to various choosable variables (screen where they will be broadcasted, for what period of time, etc.).

3. We are aware that audiovisual content purchase is not precisely standard. So we want MediaBank to be a user-friendly reflexion of this complex market.

You want the selling process of your contents to be immediate and at a fixed price? Not a problem!

You prefer your buyers to be able to re-negotiate this price? Of course!

You wish not to set a price and to wait for offers? Coming right up

Our main goal is to create the platform of your dreams, the one that will make your life easier. That is why we invite you to become today one of our beta testers and to complete this brief survey

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