NATPE Budapest, one of the most important European events in the content sector, is just under two weeks away. The tradeshow gathers the most important players of the audiovisual in Central & Eastern European countries.

At MediaBank we present the 4 keys to understand the how the market works in this region before your trip to Hungary:

1. Search for international cooperation The impact of globalization in the industry has been driven by Central and Eastern European countries looking for co-production, purchase of formats and cross-border circulation of content. This stage is happening just after the success achieved in recent years with the adaptation to the international formats of American television contests.

2. Movie production center This region has been converted into a center for film production in recent years, according to a study by the consulting firm CMS. The low production costs, the good state of infrastructures and the qualified personnel resources, together with political and legislative support, have promoted this situation, particularly in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

3. Shortages that slow down digitalization Despite the improvements, audiovisual companies in these countries are still dealing with regulatory and financial difficulties that translate into a slow pace in digitization and data analysis. This problem is more acute in public entities -according to the European Association of Research and Education in Communication- which cannot manage the possible forms of cooperation or competition that the rise of the Video on Demand (VoD) platforms of require.

4. Business opportunities The industry’s shortages are opportunities for companies, especially for those dedicated to reducing the digital gap, net neutrality, data usage, big data, etc. Some of the milestones that remain are the scheduling balance between offline and online catalogs and the development of algorithms for the customized recommendation of contents.

At MediaBank we believe in the present and future of Central and Eastern European content and, therefore, we would like to meet you at NATPE Budapest. Click here and request a meeting with us!