Miami Beach was the place where it all started and it will also be the one where our official launch campaign for buyers will begin. It is already possible to sell and buy TV Content rights through MediaBank. 2018, here we come! Hold on tight NATPE!

If there is something we learned from, last year, it is that sometimes dreams come true. With hard work and determination, they come true. We end up 2017 with a feeling that everything is possible and that MediaBank platform is, more than ever, at our fingertips.

During 2017 we have finished up the polishing of our platform, to a point where we can estate without further doubts that it meets all the requirements that were essential for our users.

So, yes, the madness that MediaBank seemed at first, is now a real project, tangible and, why not say it clearly, the tool that our users had always dreamt of to sell their productions.

We couldn’t come up with a better place than NATPE to start MediaBank’s launch campaign for buyers, the place where it all began no more and no less than two years ago.

So, there we go, in less than a week, with all of your TV content, all of your dreams and ours, to turn them into realities in the salt and sand of the beaches of Miami.

Will you come with us?

We also believe that we cannot close the year and let a new one begin without saying thanks to all of our users. All those who have been there since the beginning, helping us improve through your opinions and suggestions. In all sincerity, without you and without your content, MediaBank wouldn’t exist.

From all of us at MediaBank team, we wish that 2018 be the year where all of your dreams will fly!