Stop by MediaBank’s booth at NATPE 2018

NATPE only happens once a year, but the official opening of a platform with the potential to change the content industry for good, that is a once in a lifetime experience!

We are extremely excited to announce that, now that our platform is fully functional for transactions, we will be starting our official launch campaign for buyers at NATPE 2018.

We have lots of amazing content hosted in MediaBank and we are eager to show them. So if you are:

A content buyer…

A producer, distributor or any other kind of content seller looking to monetize your rights…

Do not forget to book a meeting with us! Let the show begin!


  • Booth: 225, Spanish Pavilion
  • Venue: Fontainebleau & Eden Roc, Miami Beach, Florida

Meet our team at NATPE 2018

Blanca Sanz Cifuentes

Marketing Manager

Esteban Suchowolski

Sales Manager

Latest company news and developments presented at NATPE 2018

The final countdown has started!








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