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What is MediaBank?

MediaBank is a Professional Content Rights Marketplace focused on the trade of audiovisual content rights and on the transference of professional audiovisual files ready to broadcast. It is a B2B (Business to Business) platform hosted in secure servers on cloud. It gathers a series of technological features allowing Rightsholders and Content Buyers to manage and commercialize content rights.

MediaBank hosts films, documentaries, TV shows, News, Factual, Branded Content, etc.

Who can register on MediaBank?

Content is provided by Producers, Distributors, Advertisers, Media Companies, as well as any other organization, company or freelance professional who owns or generates television content or film productions.MediaBank is also aimed at TV, and Film industry professionals interested in buying content rights to be broadcasted in TV, OTT, Ancillary means, etc.

Users can decide whether they want to register as buyers, sellers or both. This last option means the user may both sell and buy content. The only mandatory requirement is to have a tax identification number. Once the required information has been validated, the user can start working through the platform.

When can I start using MediaBank? Validation process

MediaBank is a 24/7 open and worldwide available marketplace, but only those registered and validated users can make full and effective use of the application. If you registered under a buyer’s profile, you will only be able to access content trailers and not the full screeners. In case you have a seller’s account, you will not be able to upload and publish content until your account has been validated.

MediaBank is committed to start the users’ verification process within 72 hrs. via e-mail to enable them to start commercializing or acquiring content as soon as possible.

How do we classify digital files on MediaBank, and how can you search them?

Digital files will be listed on MediaBank once the validated user has uploaded them to the platform. As part of the process, this user must complete the metadata and fill in all the information fields. Thanks to this metadata assigning, potential buyers may find the content they are looking for in a fast and easy way, based on a series of categories and parameters, such as genre, duration, language, available rights, cast, etc.

Likewise, the user may choose what content will be visible and, therefore, can be commercialized; and what content will be kept in private mode.

Who ultimately owns the digital files hosted on MediaBank?

The intellectual property and copyright of all digital files placed in MediaBank always belongs to their rights holders who offer them for sale.

MediaBank will ask users for permission to register, store and catalogue every file uploaded to the platform with the aim to correctly manage the usage and maintenance of its technological solution. This authorization enables making digital files accessible for potential buyers.

Is there any content storage limit on MediaBank?

There exist no content storage limit thanks to MediaBank’s technology on cloud.

Can I acquire MediaBank’s content from a mobile phone, tablet, etc.?

Yes, you may purchase audiovisual content from a mobile or a tablet. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to use a more powerful device with a good internet connection when downloading or uploading content.


How can I edit my registration data and/or the default password?

You can edit your user’s profile data and change your password, from your private area on the platform. Just click on the avatar placed in the navigation bar and select “My Profile”

I have lost my password. What can I do?

You can request a new password from the login window. Your new password will be forwarded to your provided email address.


What do we mean by METADATA?

Metadata are those keywords that identify and describe a digital file facilitating the process of locating them. Therefore, a proper tagging of every file uploaded to MediaBank is of the utmost importance. This action may not only enable your content to be found on MediaBank, but it will also generates business intelligence and data reporting about sales and acquisitions on the platform.

What file formats can MediaBank support?

MediaBank supports various file formats containing a copy of the file and a file extension. (pdf, doc, txt, odt, midi, mpg, avi, mp3, swf, etc.) MediaBank can transcode multiple different formats so buyers can easily purchase and download the type of file they need when broadcasting.

Once a file is uploaded to MediaBank. Could it be modified?

Every right holder may modify data or conditions of their content whenever it deems convenient or even eliminate a digital file, provided that there exist no previous transaction that implies an arranged download of such content.
The only instance in which no modifications will be accepted are those of retroactive nature. That is to say, no changes of contract terms will be permitted after a content is already sold to a particular user. In this case, the new contract terms will only be applied to this particular user once his license has expired provided that he wants to acquire the same content.

May I screen a content prior to its purchase/download?

A low resolution screener of any content categorised as visible by its owner may be available for watching, regardless of whether it has been purchased or not.

May I review my account status, number of acquisitions and/or sales made during a certain period of time?

MediaBank offers all the information on purchases and online catalogue on each user profile. To access, just click on the avatar placed in the navigation bar and select “My Profile”.

Licenses and Rights

What are the license conditions of the contents hosted on MediaBank?

Every right holder may be able to select the kind of license he wants to commercialize through MediaBank for each content, according to certain conditions such as its geographical availability, selling conditions or license periods.

How are content prices established?

Content sales price will be stipulated by right holders as stated in the following options:

1. Fixing a base price corresponding to the sale of the right for Free TV for a national Television, for a period of one year, with two runs, and non-exclusive. by choosing this option, the platform will automatically generate prices for each of the various sales possibilities. These sales prices will be calculated according to a platform algorithm created upon an extensive market research.
This option election will imply a more efficient and faster sales since it doesn’t lead to any delays.

2. Accepting to receive offers from potential buyers. With this second option, sellers may not stipulate a price, leaving the possibility open for buyers to contact them through the platform to make a purchase offer for their content. In any case, right holders will always have the last say regarding acceptance of the sales price.

How are agreements drawn up on MediaBank?

Transfer of rights agreements will be signed with both parties, meaning that content providers and buyers will exclusively sign with MediaBank.

Is it possible to notify incidents and complaints?

MediaBank will allow to notify incidents and complaints related to digital files for a 15 days period since the transaction was arranged. However, under no circumstances shall it be held responsible for any breaches of the contract by buyers or sellers using MediaBank.

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