MediaBank will be present again at MIPCOM, the most important audiovisual market of the year.

NATPE Budapest 2019

MediaBank attends NATPE Budapest, the biggest event for the audiovisual sector in Eastern Europe

Docs Barcelona 2019

MediaBank is visiting Docs Barcelona 2019, the only documentary festival in Spain that combines exhibitions, competition, a financing market and professional activities.

MIPTV 2019

MediaBank’s team will be waiting for you at MIPTV 2019 in Cannes. We have been preparing this audiovisual content industry meeting for months. How about you? Are you ready?

NATPE 2019

Visit us at NATPE 2019 in Miami and discover the marketplace that will disrupt the way in which TV and Film rights are being bought and sold! Book a meeting with us.


MIPCOM 2018 is around the corner and we are excited to be there with you! It is our greatest pleasure to announce that we will be showcasing our brand new platform at MIPCOM for you to discover. After months of feedback from our beta testers,...

MIPTV 2018

We are longing to meet you again in Cannes. MIPTV 2018, here we come

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