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Do you need material to fill your TV programming or to develop your corporate videos? MediaBank is a revolutionary easy-to-use, safe, reliable and legal platform for the acquisition of audiovisual content.

Do you have a video archive and want to monetise it? MediaBank is the most advanced platform for the commercialization of audiovisual productions around the world.

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The MarketPlace for your audiovisual content


All content available online, ready to be acquired or sold at all times and from any place in the world


MediaBank transforms the media from the Master file to he desired format, suppressing all technological barriers


Potential buyers connected with sellers in a unique platform: 24 hours a day, all year long


We offer tools for global promotion and access to the main international events from the Broadcast and M&E



Your files will be transferred in a safe way with the security that your rights will be protected by country and platform



Your content in one place thanks to our incorporated Digital Asset Management: forget about everything that is not digital!

MediaBank structure unveiled: How does the platform work?

Now that the beta version of our platform is fully operational for sellers, we share with you some of the intrinsic technical secrets that make MediaBank what it is On the one hand we rely on VSN’s Media Management Solution, VSNExplorer MAM, that plays a key role in...

Spectacular atmosphere at Málaga de Cine

Now that some days have passed since the Spanish Screenings, Málaga de Cine lowered the curtain, we believe it is the time to look over everything we lived and obtained in the festival and, of course, to share it with you. This edition, like the previous ones, has had...

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