Augmented Reality, same as Virtual Reality, is an art and a trend in audiovisual content creation ¿Want to know more? We examine all its possibilities for your productions and, more importantly, what it can do for you.

Truth is no one knows yet all the future possibilities of this technology. But what exactly is Augmented Reality? Unlike Virtual Reality that, as we saw the other day, removes users from their environments and takes them to new ones, Augmented Reality is able to overlap an information layer that is useful for the consumer on top of the place he is located.

May be scary, but since we already live in a world full of heads buried into mobile devices, this technology could entail a positive change. After all, mixing real world and digital world could pull humanity’s head from the screens. Technology is not more dangerous than the use we make of it.

¿And how can you apply this technology to your productions? It is an almost uncharted territory so you may come up with many more applications, but if there is one where it is coming up spectacularly, it is branded content. In fact, some experts already claim that Augmented Reality is the future of branded content and that one will not exist without the other. It is easy to see why.

Imagine the potential of a tool that allows, through simple glasses, to provide absolutely personalized, geolocated and exquisitely segmented contents for a particular user. one that could enjoy unique audiovisual contents overlaying his daily reality and that may entertain him while informing him.

We can begin to glimpse what it could become through examples like this from Australian filmmaker Lynette Hallworth. Specifically these are some posters activated through an App.

They were created to accompany and complement her Virtual Reality masterpiece Coral Rekindling Venus (another wonder, by the way). Hellworth’s piece is a small scale example of what could be done in museums, institutions or in historic sites. Making stories and history, see it, if we wish, through an App, recreate reality. Apprentice might be never ending.

But if you are still not convinced about the risk and the costs that Augmented Reality may imply, if you are the type of person that doesn´t like committing to a technology that may as well be transient… Why not use it in your creations? Don’t think it is possible?

Watch this video:

It may seem a normal ad, the special thing is that the director could see the computer generated cars DURING the shooting. And by see we don´t mean imagine, we mean exactly that: see, with his own eyes, thanks to Augmented Reality.


And now think how easy could your life be: no more meticulously detailed scripts, no more hundreds of hours of post production, you could improvise with special effects, you could gain control and freedom.

Sometimes the same tools that seem to be there to complicate our lives are there to facilitate them. It is the case with Augmented Reality and also the case with MediaBank. Let us help you sell your contents!
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