From America to Asia, viewers watch television in the evening to disconnect from their day to day lives, through their favourite entertainment TV shows.

This is shown by television grills around the world, according to a study carried out by consultancy firm Eurodata TV, that analyses 11 countries. Thus, channels dedicate 33.3% of their prime time to these type of programs, which help them achieve a 24% increase in audience share in comparison to the average for this time slot.

However, there are vast differences between countries. Whilst in the United States or Japan this percentage rises to 58%, in France and Germany it is 22% and 17%, respectively. In addition, while in Japan private television devotes more space to entertainment in prime time, in the United Kingdom it is the public channels that lead the genre.

Moreover, factual entertainment, a type of content that has been gaining importance in programming grids, is the most widespread thanks to the interest shown by younger audiences, together with the lower investment requirements.

Reality competitions, the favourite

Furthermore, the most viewed programs are reality competitions. Roberto Sánchez, Sales & BD Manager of MediaBank, explains that “realities are an indisputable global phenomenon. These give the audience the opportunity to discover new talents and, in some cases, offer a lifestyle that they would like to experience, surrounded by luxury, fame and money. In addition, thanks to the interaction that allows social networks, the viewer becomes a player, having the opportunity to comment and participate in the format, which transforms the reality into a complete experience”.

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