There is less than a month left for MediaBank’s official launching, but content do not stop coming and we cannot stop sharing these news with all of you either! Cinetel Multimedia, a production company heir of the famous Spanish distribution company Comercial Jara, S.A. because of its American classic movies, has been the latest company in joining MediaBank. Would not you like to check it out?

Cinetel Multimedia is a relatively young company, created on 2005, although its origins come from an earlier story that took place a long ago. It is heir of the company called Comercial Jara, S.A., one of the biggest Spanish distribution companies for TV during the 80s and 90s. That is why the current group Cinetel Multimedia owns numerous broadcast licenses of emblematic Spanish and American classic movies that were sold with great success by the former Comercial Jara. And now comes the announcement we were all waiting for: all these great classic movies will soon be available at MediaBank!

The person in charge of this jump into the digital world is Jose Manuel Lara, son of Comercial Jara’s founder. In fact, he believes that ‘MediaBank is a great opportunity to put all this content at the disposal of any given TV channel or distribution company around the globe’.

‘Due to the decline of DVD and the rise of the digital world, one of the biggest professional bets that Cinetel Multimedia made was becoming a pioneer company in this new environment. For achieving this, we bet on the digitalization of all our content, in order to include it in the newly created VoD platforms, either in Spain or across the borders. That is how today we can proudly say that at least 35% of our income comes from the digital market’, states Jara. ‘Nowadays there are no borders or limitations for content, so we decided to start an internationalization process some years ago that allowed us to distribute our productions in any given place of the world. In fact, we have got distribution agreements across various continents and we believe this globalisation process could increase even more thanks to new agreements like the one we have recently made with MediaBank’.

Cinetel Multimedia will offer through MediaBank at least 400 classic movies with Spanish subtitles, more than 2,000 movies in original version, new big premieres of major studios, European films, documentaries, Spanish productions and even classic and contemporary cartoons. ¡A great variety of productions that will be soon available and only one click far from you!

Only one click? Is that even possible? Of course it is! If you do not believe it yet, that is because you do not know our marketplace for professional content. Take a look at our platform and join us in this new adventure. We are waiting for you!