Series where the audience decides the evolution of the plot, chooses the changes of direction of the story and draws the ending. The trend of interactive series at a glance: Film and TV productions that have but one thing in common, the spectator is king.

There is no way we can write about the trend of interactive series without mentioning TellTale. Yes, a video game making company, and it is not by chance. TellTale’s series were early pioneers in leaving characters’ fate in the audience’s hands.

After all, they addressed an audience used to command stories with a gamepad or a joystick. So they thought, why not take a step further? Why can’t we create complex narratives? Video game or Tv series? Is there a difference? So, said and done, they got down to the job and it is now 12 years since they started producing series such as this:


TellTale’s model is not precisely new, since it had already been popularized by the famous infant-juvenile books “Choose your own adventure”. A young audience that has now been targeted by Netflix with their recently released interactive Puss in Boots.


As usual, Netflix is very well aware that there exist no better audience for the trend of interactive series than children. Whether we like it or not, this new generation doesn’t see a difference between a phone, a tablet or a television. For them, any shiny screen is but that, and every shiny screen was made to be touched to make things happen, in other words, to interact. That is the future towards which we are inexorably moving.

What the sector is still discussing is whether we can really call this interactive formats “series” or if they might as well simply be called games. But Netflix and Telltale do not seem to be very worried about this debate since TellTale’s communications manager recently expressed their desire to produce a new animation series based in Black Mirror. Why not?

Either way, what is exactly this trend of interactive series is a complex question for which we do not have the answer yet, but, with your permission we we’ll simply call them Tv content. A content, by the way, that we would love to see on MediaBank.

Because we are certain that new technologies and the world wide web are synonymous with freedom, the freedom to create differently, to bet differently and to consume differently. And goodbye conventionalities!

How could we not like them? If you own the rights of a series, interactive or not, we would be pleased to help you monetize it.

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