At this stage we know for sure that you are all convinced of the benefits they may bring. But should there be any doubt left, we have created this post on the multiple ways drones are disrupting TV and film industry. Because sometimes dreaming and flying are one and the same!

If there is a genre that we associate with drones, that is documentary. As an example, this wonder by the undisputed king of this genre, National Geographic:


But documentaries are not the only ones using drones. Those with a trained eye will have seen that they are being more and more used in movies and television shows. Nevertheless, you may still not be aware of all the uses that these devices can be given during a shoot.

Yes, we said, all their uses. Because drones can go way beyond their traditional utilization in aerial filming. If you don’t believe it, ask the crew responsible for this short film captured entirely by a drone:


What other way could a take start from an interior and end up at 100 meters altitude? Without cuts!

The benefits are multiple: drones allow, for example, not having to relocate large equipment from one place to another, which leads to great agility and efficiency in filming. They also enable capturing 360 degrees images and shooting at dangerous locations for human beings. Imagine the crackling and hissing of lava inside a volcano, the sparkling saliva droplets in the jaws of a tiger in Siberia, or the deathly silence only broken by the creaking of an abandoned ferris wheel in Chernobyl.

All these imagery is a tangible reality thanks to drones.

Ok, it is also true that there exist some concerns regarding security and privacy and that most countries are still adapting their laws to this new reality. In this regard, our only advice would be the one that logic dictates: soak up national legislation on the matter before you go for a drone in a certain country. But one thing is for sure, there are way more benefits and usages than disadvantages to using drones.

South African movie, Chappie, for example, used drones as a visual reference in some scenes where computer generated images were to be inserted later. This way they made sure that every actor was looking at the exact same point when there was a flying or a very big object.

Drones reinventando los rodajes


And what can we say about aerial filming? Drones enable filming scenes that were only possible before with a pilot and a helicopter. With all the problems that it implied: noise, big projected shadows and the difficulties of finding a location from which to take off. Who’s worried about such things now?

Last but not least, our favourite benefit, the true : reason we believe drones are disrupting TV and film industry: they are bringing within reach of small producing companies what had long eluded them, what only huge blockbusters with bulky budgets could afford before.

You know we couldn’t be more into democratizing and ending barriers in this industry. That is why we invite you to upload your content today to MediaBank and to join the revolution of online distribution. We are waiting for you!