Cookies policy


Cookies are small technical identifiers that refer to a specific value. Cookies are stored in the web browser, which allows a web page to provide dynamic content, more functionalities and usage analytics, among many other uses. These identifiers are stored at the request of the visited web page and, if the user does not configure its browser to reject them, are often accepted by default.

Type and limits of use and use internal cookies (derived solely from their own web server) to store data on a user’s session, and to provide a more flexible and dynamic content, as well as external cookies (which come from sites outside and’s servers), in order to produce statistics of website usage, and improve their functionality.

Cookies refusal

Most current Internet browsers allow the user to refuse the use of cookies by modifying its settings.
It should be note, however, that if you configure your Internet browser to refuse cookies, and will not provide access to your user profile, or to personalized services that could be also offered.
The following is a guidance on how to disable the use of cookies.

Internet Explorer: Tools, internet options, privacy, configuration menu.
Firefox: Tools, options, privacy, history, custom settings menu.
Google Chrome: Setup menu, show advanced options, privacy, content settings.
Safari: Preferences, security menu.

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