We are releasing new developments of price and license of content especially designed for you and by you through your feedback. From now on, MediaBank’s pricing policy is more flexible and the license terms more specific. ¡Thank you for filling in our survey!

Every producer, distributor or right holder is a world apart and each one of you have particular situations to be considered. So, two of our most received requests have been a looser selling price policy leading to negotiation and more specific license terms. You ask for it and we make it happen!

So now, when uploading your content you can choose whether you want to set up a fixed a fixed price for your content, or wait for the customers to make an offer.

Price your content

If you decide to assign a fixed price, purchase will be faster and more direct. You may only have to set a base price and we will calculate the complete pricing table for multiple variables such as: the number of showings or the type of broadcasting rights.

Note that the base price corresponds to the Free tv broadcasting rights for a year, 2 showings, without exclusivity and a coverage from 10 millions.

As if it was not enough, a counteroffer field has been added so that a buyer can suggest a new price if the one established doesn’t satisfy him. This way you will have the opportunity to negotiate and close more sales.

Listen to offers

If, on the other hand, you prefer not to set a price for your content and wait for buyers to make an offer, now you can do it too. Naturally, in case you don’t agree with the offer, you may be able to reject it or continue the negotiation with a new counteroffer.


Besides that and so you can make the most of your productions, we have added the option to choose the countries for which you have the broadcasting rights. You can also exclude those territories where your content is already being monetized or simply opt for a global license.


We have recorded this small video tutorial with the platform’s new features so you don’t get lost with the changes.

As you already know, this new developments have arisen from your insights and suggestions and we are willing to know more. If you wish to participate in shaping MediaBank’s future, you are very welcome! It would only take you 9 clicks!