It is a reality: European audiovisual content hardly travels from its home markets to the rest of the countries of the Union. In the case of films, these only represent 15% in linear TV and 31% in cinemas, according to the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Thus, the majority of the films projected in Europe still comes from Hollywood, while hundreds of quality movies produced in neighboring countries never get to see the light outside their borders. But what can distributors do to give them more visibility?

Search the international approach

According to the EU Open Method of Coordination (OMC) expert group, the local or national content’s approach often limits its potential for internationalization, so it is essential to identify its target audience from the start in order to develop appropriate strategies for commercialization. In this sense, partnering with sectoral associations and seeking public support to reach a promotional impulse.

Festivals, the gateway to future success

Likewise, the group recommends not to underestimate the power of festivals and their awards, a lever for the success of many productions. In addition to an opportunity to connect with the audience, these events are a meeting point for industry professionals, who are looking for future great talent among the successful candidates.

From the internet to the world

The use of the data can also rocket the European content towards other countries of the Union. The efficient management of this information allows MediaBank to direct the series, films, documentaries and other genres available on its platform to sellers who specifically search for content of that type.

To achieve the location of the files according to users’ interests, our platform uses the VSN Explorer Business Intelligence module, which extracts analytics based on searches and queries made to offer customized suggestions to buyers. In addition, it allows sellers to discover the impact of their content thanks to the report included in their personal accounts.

A wider reach of European content would improve the health of the audiovisual sector in general. Reinforcing the internationalization capacity of German films, Italian series, Polish documentaries or Greek TV programs would mean more opportunities for the distribution industry.

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