Tv content trade sector has become a huge ocean of fishes swimming all together while trying to adapt to this new ecosystem. We explore 3 major tv content buying trends that determine survival in this industry

Imagine you are a TV content buyer.

Imagine one day you wake up one day and the world, that used to be relatively easy for you, has gone so far off track that you barely recognize it anymore.

That element where you used to handle yourself like a fish in water, a small puddle where you were king, has now become an ocean brimming with aquatic fauna.

That is basically what content buyers are living nowadays. Do not be mislead, it doesn’t mean that their lives are harder. Their routine has simply become more diverse and competitive.

Competence, that is the key point: of small platforms and screens, and some not so small, and transversality, and multiscreening, and the “glocal” concept we mentioned the other day.

Key point successfully understood by those buyers that have managed to adapt to this new ecosystem or that are in the process of doing so. All those who, we forecast, will survive.

All these features, so 20th Century, trigger several trends very well collected by MIPCOM Report on major TV content buying trends. A brief summary of which would be:

Buy as many rights of a content as you possibly can, while you can.

This way, buyers can fulfill two needs:

On the one hand, offering content through more than one platform or screen, an ever increasing demand by audiences.

While it is true that not every buyer own more than one platform or screen, it is also true that there is a general trend towards purchase of VOD or Catch up rights, just in case, for the future. Or, what lead us to the second need, to make sure that they own the exclusive rights to a content.

Learn to handle yourself in an increasingly competitive environment.

Closely linked to the previous point, there exists an ever growing need for a better and a more exclusive content.

A goose that lays golden eggs, a content so irresistible that builds up brand loyalty or so many different niche content that engages several types of audiences. Hence, the recent trend of creating original content we’ve seen lately.

Think globally and act locally.

There is a very clear tendency among buyers to buy local and regional productions and, here is the huge difference, not necessarily American.

This mainly result from audiences demanding local, local and local. One history or characters determined spectators may fully empathise with, yet still interesting for the rest of the world.

If there is something televisions and platforms are aware of, is that they can buy or create content considered premium for a specific territory that they can later on export to many more countries and further monetize it.

If you are trying to decide what to produce next, we hope this post may have given you some clues. And remember, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

If you want us to lend you a rod, upload your content now and we will help you find the appropriate buyer. Welcome to our revolution!