MediaBank starts to create its content catalog, supported by production and distribution companies that trust on our MarketPlace as the best platform for launching their productions on a global scale. On this occasion, the distribution company Premium Cine has been the last one to join the ‘MediaBank effect’ and include its content in our platform. We hope to contribute to the global expansion of its work!

At MediaBank we are celebrating! Premium Cine, a distribution company specialized on films, has been the last one bet on our Market Place as the best platform to share and sell its content. Aware that MediaBank is expected to experience a substantial growth, due to its undeniable advantages for the audiovisual market worldwide, Premium Cine has decided to completely include its catalog in our platform, as the company Director, Pablo Chamorro, said.

Premium Cine is going to incorporate more than 250 programming hours, including TV series such as ‘The Spanish Civil War’, ‘The Spanish kings’ or even some productions for kids, such as The magical storyteller’, stated Chamorro. Moreover, MediaBank will also incorporate two new TV productions: ‘Universal history of painting’, comprising 5 one-hour episodes in HD, and ‘The history of the Catholic Religion’, including 11 one-hour episodes also in HD.

Created back in 2000 mainly as a cinematographic distribution company, Premium Cine started to produce its own content in 2005, specially focusing on creating cultural content, documentary series and news. Now, it is betting on finding new audiences in any given geographical area where its production can be of interest. That is why Premium Cine has trusted on MediaBank platform, which will offer the company for sure the possibility of expanding and monetizing its content in an easy and comfortable way.

Don’t you know yet how our content Market Place will work? Soon all users will have the possibility of enjoying our platform and working with it. There is few time left for its launching! However, why don’t you take the time to check our website and discover the advantages MediaBank will bring? Either if you sell or buy content, MediaBank is the place you were looking for. We are waiting for you!