We are delighted to announce the addition of Sandra Doncel as MediaBank‘s brand new Commercial Director. With almost 10 years of experience in TICS and other 15 at the TV Content Sales-Purchase sector, the position seems cut out for her.

Most recently, before her addition to MediaBank, she was Marketing and Commercial Director in the distributor that she helped found. A this distribution company, Sandra has represented multiple catalogues of producers around the globe for sale to every kind of spanish speaking channels.

These 10 years in traditional distribution have given her a unique perspective on dealing with content providers and buyers and an extensive knowledge of the market. Knowledge that we are already implementing on our platform in line with our last developments.

As if it wasn’t enough she previously worked as Product Manager for the formerly called Retevisión, known nowadays as ONO. Her functions as buyer of thematic channels for the then second telecommunications operator in Spain, allowed her to deeply dive into the intricacies of niche contents: consumption trends, novelties, audiences etc.

Precursor of the World Wide Web, her first job was for the first internet server in Spain, Redes TB. Since then, Sandra has always been at the epicenter of the explosion of new technologies.

In fact, the next step in her professional career was focused on the development of internet services for Retevisión. This deep knowledge of the internet makes of Sandra the best person possible to develop an online business as innovative as MediaBank.

We couldn’t think of a better profile, we are fortunate that she has committed to us.

Put a Sandra in your life! Join now the revolution of distribution 3.0 and discover everything MediaBank can do for you!