There is only one month left for its beta version official launching, but in MediaBank we have just included another type of product to sell through our platform: collections. If you are looking for several content related to a concrete theme or genre, we are going to make it easy for you…Want to know more? Keep reading!

Great news! MediaBank launches new product within its platform and keeps revolutionising and making a huge contribution to the Media and Entertainment content industry. On this occasion, we present you MediaBank collections: groups of content related to a concrete subject, theme or genre, or simply offered at a more competitive price, that users can create by themselves and sell through our platform under one single price for the whole collection. Therefore, those buyers interested in acquiring content related to a concrete theme can save time while searching and buy a group of various professional productions with just one click. Easy, right?

How did we come to this idea? Well, we look forward to offer a user-friendly online platform so that producers, TV channels, media companies and generally all those companies in need of content can easily navigate through our interface. Therefore, we thought that it could be a great idea to offer them this collection service and prepare our platform to also serve concrete groups of content…I bet that if you are a thematic producer or TV channel and you are reading us, you will agree on this!

And who will have the possibility of creating these collection? Users themselves, of course. If you sell content and you own a group of audio visual productions related to a concrete subject, you can now group them under one single collection and set up a single price for the whole group in less than two minutes. You will only need to select those files you will like to include, create the collection giving it a descriptive name and select all the basic requirements (price, geographic coverage, language, etc.) under which you would like to sell this collection. And that’s all!

There is only one month left until MediaBank is officially launched, on next 19th of September! What do you think about our latest news? Are you ready to discover our platform? If you do not know it yet, do not worry. You still have time to read more about us at our website, take a look at our interface or even register as a buyer or seller through our website. We are waiting for you!