We have developed for you this news section especially conceived to simplify the task of keeping up to date with the audiovisual content sector.

We are aware of the challenges of being well informed within the audiovisual content industry where any start up suddenly appears and changes the way TV or cinema are consumed, where nothing ever stays the same.

We know how difficult it is to work in a sector in which any agent, small as it may be, can create anything, anytime and anywhere in the world, that entails a revolution. For this reason, it seems more necessary than ever to know as soon as possible the way the wind is blowing and to rapidly get ready for any change.

At MediaBank we have decided to give you a hand with this daunting task through this new section where we will try to publish regularly the most relevant news about the audiovisual industry.

¿What will you find in this section? All kind of novelties and trends within the audiovisual sector. Subjects related to events, fairs and congresses, or cinema and tv contents, incoming Apps, new formats, technologies or internet news… In short, any information we believe could be relevant to you and that could contribute to create better productions and to make your life a bit simpler.

Sounds good, does it not? We hope to see you around very often!