Now that the beta version of our platform is fully operational for sellers, we share with you some of the intrinsic technical secrets that make MediaBank what it is

On the one hand we rely on VSN’s Media Management Solution, VSNExplorer MAM, that plays a key role in our platform through features like advanced search functionalities that enable the location and retrieval of specific content, accelerated transfer protocol to transfer HD files quickly, and managing rights and cataloging tools that help sort assets in different categories or even compile them into collections.

“VSN is proud to have helped MediaBank build its disruptive platform which is in essence a meeting point for professional buyers and sellers of the media and entertainment sector, one that provides a safe, simple and usable environment in the cloud” declares Jordi Capdevila, VSN´s Marketing Director. “It is that, and much more, thanks to VSN and Azure Media Services.”

Furthermore, VSN MAM’s integration with Azure allows you to access content from any place in the world at any time. This way your content is safely stored in the cloud thanks to Azure SQL Database. Additionally, low-resolution audiovisual content like trailers or even complete feature films can be stored in Azure Blob storage and viewed online with Azure Media Player.

We also benefit from the automatic scalability of Azure App Service, which is crucial for a global marketplace like ours, as well as from Azure Content Delivery Network when it comes to serving large files faster.

Microsoft Azure provides MediaBank a scalable, reliable platform to deliver rich media content to customers around the world,” said Nagu Rangan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure at Microsoft Corp.In addition, VSN MAM is powered by Azure Media Services to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to media.”

These tools’ great performance and our team’s work allow us to be optimistic and figures have proven us right so far. If everything goes according to our estimations, we will have more than 480 registered users and over 10.000 hours of content by the end of the year.

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