Because 365 days go a long way and even more during a project’s launching process full of effort, work and excitement, we have decided to go through main MediaBank’s milestones that accompanied us during all 2016.

We rewind the the tape, organise a new year calendar full of events and red-marked dates and start walking through 2017. But what a year we left behind! From MediaBank’s first news to its Beta version official launching, our platform has gone a long way. And now, before beginning a new year full of energy, we would like also to share with you this 2016 MediaBank’s retrospective to highlight some of the main milestones achieved by the platform.

    • We have closed our first and most important agreements with top level partners and production companies

Zoomin TV, Premium Cine, Alternativa 7, Cine Clip, Cinetel Multimedia, Naturevision, Miami TV, Life TV, Lifedesign TV, Mimyuni TV and Sunset Vine are just some of our partners and travel companions since the very beginning of this project. They trusted on MediaBank, on our professional team and most importantly, on selling and promoting their contents through our platform. From nature or historical documentaries, to cartoons, classic movies or branded content, you can already find everything you want in MediaBank’s catalog.

    • We offer new products and selling options really interesting

Do you still believe that MediaBank only includes TV series and films for selling? Then you should pay close attention to the brand-new Content Collections and complete programming lists that we have launched in 2016.

    • We have promoted our marketplace’s main advantages and benefits in several international events

From the NATPE trade show in Miami, to MIPCOM in Cannes or others in Madrid like BIT and MAMTV, our team has visited this past year some of the most relevant events in the Content industry to show all of you the main advantages you can take from MediaBank. Discover all of them now if you still haven’t!

    • There is no secret anymore… Because we have finally open you the doors to our platform!

Indeed, MediaBank is finally at your disposal in Beta version. Browse through the catalog, discover all the productions and their technical specifications, and try out some of its latest functionalities. Do you want to see how MediaBank will work once it is fully operational? Take a look then to our videos!

And what is left for us in 2017? Many more news, agreements, promotional events and contents to come! And of course, also hard work to offer our users a revolutionary audiovisual content marketplace for professionals. Do you want to know more about it? Keep up to date about our latest news through MediaBank’s webpage!