At MediaBank we are very proud of the latest developments that we have introduced in our platform. It will be ready very very soon! But, before its official launching takes place, here is a warm-up for all of you! We have prepared a video to show first-hand the interface and some functionalities of MediaBank. Are you ready for it?

Our Engineering and Designing teams have been working in full performance, in order to have the most advanced marketplace of quality audio visual content available in the market in short time. However, due to the great expectation of its launching and the huge amount of registrations we are lately having (thanks a lot for your support!), we have prepared a complete video showcasing the interface of our platform. And here it is!

We hope that you have enjoyed it as much as we do! We are sure that MediaBank will become the leading marketplace for buying and selling quality audio visual content. And you also can have the opportunity to participate on it! Either if you want to sell your productions’ catalogue ready to be on air, or if you need content for your TV channel or company, MediaBank is the place you were looking for.

Have you not registered yet? We are waiting for you! Click here to start registering now and discover what MediaBank can offer you.