We keep announcing the latest incorporations to MediaBank! This time, Venezuelan Cine Clip founded in 1986 and specialized in documentary production is looking for new synergies in the Spanish audiovisual industry, as well as for new content production for Hispanic markets. An ambitious goal for which they have relied on MediaBank to achieve it!

Cine Clip Producciones has been the latest company in sharing all their film and documentary productions through MediaBank: a common place for the audiovisual industry that aspires to become the biggest online platform for buying and selling professional audiovisual content all around the globe. This time, and with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, the Venezuelan Cine Clip expects to position its audiovisual works in the Hispanic markets also through our marketplace. We hope we can help them being successful!

Since its foundation in 1986 in Venezuela, Cine Clip has produced countless TV documentaries and short films for important TV channels and national media groups, such as Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV). Furthermore, it has also collaborated with some of the major international TV channels, such as CBS, CNN, BBC or Telenoticias, in the production area.

In 2004 Cine Clip decided to locate its headquarters in Spain, where it keeps producing TV documentaries of various topics, as well as films, specific content for online platforms or even short films co-produced with Spanish and Latin American film directors.

And which goals has now Cine Clip in mind with its recent incorporation to MediaBank? ‘We are a new company in Spain and we would like to strongly position ourselves in the Spanish audiovisual market. Even creating synergies with other professionals from this industry. Our goal now is to stand out as great professionals in the content creation and production both for film and TV’, explains Manuel Herrero de Lemos, from Cine Clip Spain.

There you have! There are more and more production companies that trust on MediaBank and see our platform as a key ally for their international expansion. Why? Because of its ease of use, promotion possibilities and all the advantages it gives for buying and selling audiovisual content through the Internet, without relying on physical formats and storage, download or geographic limits. We are working hard to create the marketplace that the audiovisual industry really deserves!Do you want to know more about us? Check our website and discover all the functionalities of our platform. And do not forget to register! Become a member of the MediaBank family right now. Hope to see you around!